If you are aware of resources, legal or policy initiatives, or other information that you think should be included on this web site, please write us at:

If you are not able to email us, you can also reach us by phone at: 800-323-3205 (Greater Boston Legal Services) or 800-348-4232 (v/tty) (Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.) GBLS and DREDF are accepting calls on behalf of The Barrier Free Healthcare Initiative. Please indicate that you are calling about TBFHI.

If you are a person with a disability who has experienced barriers to healthcare that you have been unable to resolve, we would like to hear from you. Please read our professional disclaimer page. You may contact us for this purpose at:

The Barrier Free Healthcare Initiative is currently a volunteer effort by individuals and organizations interested in improving physical and programmatic access to hospitals and other medical facilities and services for people with disabilities. Please understand if we cannot respond, or respond quickly, to all efforts to contact us.